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Product amount: 5


Painting "Amazon"

873 UAH 970 UAH


Painting “Girl in poppies”

873 UAH 970 UAH


Painting “Modern Chinese watercolor”

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Painting "Jennifer Lopez"

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Panel "Chinese Woman"

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Captivating Beauty: Handmade Girl Portraits in Amber at Yantar Polissya

Welcome to the "Painting Girl" subcategory, where the elegance and allure of girl portraits come to life through the mesmerizing medium of Polissya amber. Each painting is a unique masterpiece, varying in writing style, size, and the type of amber used, ensuring a distinct touch to your space.


Choosing Art for Your Space

Historical Significance:

  • Throughout history, paintings have held a special place in the interiors of diverse cultures. They revive spaces, infusing them with energy and contributing to an exquisite atmosphere.

Positive Energy:

  • When selecting art, it's essential to maintain a positive and uplifting theme. According to Feng Shui, images of girls symbolize longevity, health, youth, and beauty, bringing a dose of luck to your surroundings.


The Allure of Girls in Art

Symbolism of a Lady:

  • A girl's image, especially with long hair, embodies beauty, tenderness, and luck. It fits seamlessly into various rooms and interiors, symbolizing positive attributes.

Expression of Femininity:

  • Paintings of girls are genuine works of beauty and harmony, captivating viewers with their naturalness and lightness. Renowned artists throughout history have celebrated the feminine essence through their creations.


Timeless Inspirations

The historical charm of the Mona Lisa's smile:

  • "Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa”, a mysteriously seductive Renaissance image, has forever captivated the world as the most majestic image of a real woman.

The Dutch Mona Lisa:

  • "The Girl with a Pearl Earring by Jan Vermeer is a beautiful masterpiece, popularly called the "Dutch Mona Lisa," which demonstrates the extraordinary appeal of girls in artworks.

Golden Adele:

  • Gustav Klimt's "Golden Adele," portraying Adele Bloch-Bauer, stands as a testomony to the iconic recognition of beautiful female pictures.


Elevate Your Space with Amber

Ordering from Yantar Polissya:

  • Explore our series of stunning woman pix embellished with the particular beauty of amber. Each piece is a testament to craftsmanship and inventive expression..

Custom Creations:

  • Tailor your artwork to your liking via ordering a custom masterpiece. Our professional masters will carry your visions to life, developing a customized piece that resonates with your preferences.

At Yantar Polissya, we invite you to surround your self with the timeless splendor of hand-crafted woman snap shots inlaid with extremely good amber stones. Let the grace and attraction of these works of art improve your space. Order now to experience the fusion of artistry and nature!


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