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Product amount: 16

Panel “True Friend”

1 110 UAH

Panel “The Hunt” (Arthur Tate Fitzwilliam)

1 110 UAH

Panel "On the boar!"

1 110 UAH

Panel “Hunters at a rest” (Perov Vasily)

1 110 UAH

Painting “Horses at the Porch” (Adam Albrecht)

1 110 UAH

Panel "Catch"

1 110 UAH

Painting "Chase"

1 110 UAH

Painting “Series. Hunting dogs"

1 110 UAH

Panel “Fishing. Perch"

1 110 UAH

Painting "Duel"

1 110 UAH

Painting "Bear Hunt"

1 110 UAH

Painting "Moose"

1 110 UAH

Painting "Hunter's Trophy"

1 110 UAH

Panel “Bear Hunting”

1 110 UAH

Painting "Tiger with prey"

1 110 UAH

Painting “Fishing. Carp"

1 110 UAH

Elevate Your Space with Amber Hunting Artwork: Available for Sale at Yantar Polissya

Welcome to our Hunting Topics subcategory, where the spirit of adventure comes alive through exquisite amber paintings. Each piece is a masterpiece, varying in writing style, size, and the type of Polissya amber used. Immerse yourself in the world of hunting art that captures the essence of the wild.

The Art of Hunting

A Rich Tradition:

  • Throughout art history, paintings depicting hunting have been a celebrated theme, going beyond mere sustenance to embody a thrilling adventure.

The Modern Hunter:

  • Today, hunting is not just about acquiring food; it's a genuine adventure. A true hunter is attuned to the sounds of the woods, recognizing animals and understanding their habits.

Importance of the Process:

  • For passionate hunters, the process of hunting holds greater significance than the result. Skillful hunters appreciate and connect with the art that mirrors their love for the wilderness.


Crafting Masterpieces

Anatomy and Habits:

  • Creating compelling hunting-themed paintings requires artists to possess in-depth knowledge of the anatomy and habits of wild animals, along with insights into hunting techniques.

Historical Significance:

  • Hunting themes have been historically significant, with talented artists portraying scenes of notable figures engaged in the pursuit, adding a layer of cultural value to the artworks.


Amber Hunting Art: A Timeless Accent

Inspiration from Classics:

  • Classic paintings like Perov's "Hunters at Rest" inspire our collection, bringing a fresh perspective to the conversation around hunting.

Reviving Landscapes:

  • Many artists utilize hunting motifs to revive landscapes, depicting wildlife and hunters with dogs. The combination of artistry and the richness of amber creates timeless pieces.


Perfect for Every Setting

Classic Interiors:

  • Hunting-themed paintings, especially those crafted from amber, are perfect for classic-style rooms and cottages.

Unique Gift Ideas:

  • Voluminous and vivid amber panels become a unique gift for avid hunters, filling spaces with warmth and comfort.

Explore Collection

Discover the allure of amber hunting artwork for sale at Yantar Polissya. Our unique pieces promise to captivate hunters and art enthusiasts alike. Elevate your space with the warmth and elegance of amber canvases. We're here to assist you in choosing the perfect gift or souvenir made of natural amber!


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