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Product amount: 26

Necklace KS111-001

7 056 UAH

Necklace KS108-001

5 986 UAH

Necklace KS107-001

3 922 UAH

Necklace KS115-001

6 586 UAH

Necklace KS112-001

5 108 UAH

Necklace KS117-001

8 373 UAH

Necklace KS116-001

5 434 UAH

Necklace KS109-001

10 656 UAH

Silver necklace with gilding "Manlio"

19 802 UAH

Silver necklace with gilding "Caesar"

5 262 UAH

Silver necklace with gilding "Corrado"

48 158 UAH

Necklace with gilding and amber "Nerina"

15 580 UAH

Silver necklace with amber and cubic zirconia "Maura"

4 844 UAH

Silver necklace with amber and topaz "Paris"

11 069 UAH

Silver necklace with gilding "Adela"

4 250 UAH

Silver necklace with amber and topaz "Paris"

13 545 UAH

Silver necklace with amber, turquoise and moonstone "Livia"

8 901 UAH

Silver necklace with amber “Giselle”

2 522 UAH

Silver necklace with amber “Giselle”

2 510 UAH

Necklace with amber flower and skull

9 209 UAH

Silver necklace with gilding "Ansella"

34 576 UAH

Silver necklace with gilding "Ansella"

30 732 UAH

Silver necklace with gilding "Alizhi"

32 142 UAH

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Eternal Elegance: Amber Silver Necklaces

In the ever-changing landscape of fashion, certain standards remain constant, and one such timeless accessory is the necklace. While shapes, colors, and details may evolve, the allure of a well-crafted chain persists. At Amber Polissya, we redefine the charm of necklaces with our exquisite collection of Amber Silver Necklaces—chains that transcend trends and elevate your style.

History of Chains:

A Timeless Adornment
Chains, be they golden or silver, have adorned necks across different eras, proving their eternal appeal. Over the course of history, chains have evolved, incorporating various elements, including precious and semiprecious stones. Our offering stands out with silver chains complemented by the warm, natural hues of Polissya amber—a nod to tradition with a contemporary twist.

Necklaces with a Purpose

Distinguished by a central accent, our necklaces go beyond the simplicity of chains. Each piece is a composition of sterling silver and natural stones sourced from Ukraine's Rivne region. The intricate designs, shapes, and sizes of sunny stones create unique compositions. The decorative silver blackening enhances the interplay of lights on the surface, complementing the yellowish-orange or greenish hues characteristic of Ukrainian amber.


Healing Properties of Amber

Amber, a fossilized conifer resin, is known for its medicinal properties due to the presence of succinic acid. As the skin interacts with the natural gem, the body absorbs healing acid, providing benefits for various ailments such as heart conditions, kidney issues, lung diseases, bronchitis, and more. A sunny stone necklace, therefore, becomes not just a stunning piece of jewelry but also a unique material with therapeutic qualities.


The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

Considering the healing properties and aesthetic allure of natural stone, an Amber Silver Necklace emerges as the ideal gift for any woman. It not only enhances beauty but also boosts self-confidence and elevates public status. Our silver chains with amber are exceptional, timeless gifts suitable for any occasion, embodying uniqueness, sophistication, and the enduring beauty of natural gemstones. Browse our collection and discover the perfect statement piece that transcends fleeting trends.



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