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Product amount: 44


Candlestick with amber

22 770 UAH 25 300 UAH


Candlestick with amber

2 610 UAH 2 900 UAH


Candlestick inlaid with amber

4 050 UAH 4 500 UAH


Forged candlestick with “Chamomile” inlay

17 901 UAH 19 890 UAH


Candlestick with amber and stained glass “Bud”

16 380 UAH 18 200 UAH


Candlestick made of acacia and amber “Bereginya”

12 744 UAH 14 160 UAH

Candlestick SUV000714-008

Candlestick SUV000795-001


Candlestick SUV000779-001

Candlestick SUV000693-001


Candlestick SUV000383

Candlestick SUV000382

Candlestick SUV000647-001


Candlestick SUV000646-001


Candlestick SUV000373


Candlestick SUV000130


Candlestick П-75


Candlestick SUV000050


Candlestick П-171


Candlestick П-1412


Candlestick П-80


Candlestick SUV000657-001

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The world of Amber candlesticks

Welcome to our terrific series of Amber Candlesticks at Yantar Polissya! Discover the undying beauty and charming splendor of our amber candle holders, hand-made from Polissya amber in numerous fascinating geometric shapes and natural colors. Elevate your surroundings with the nice and cozy glow of amber, developing a high-priced and inviting ecosystem.

The Beauty of Amber Candlesticks

Elegance in Illumination:

  • Our amber candlesticks are crafted to perfection, showcasing the natural charm of Polissya amber. Each piece is a unique painting of artwork, proposing extraordinary shapes and colors that upload a touch of sophistication to any space.

Captivating Colors:

  • From rich honey tones to deep, translucent browns, our amber candlesticks come in a wide range of colors. The interaction of light through the amber creates an enchanting visible show, enhancing the ambiance of your own home or public setting.


Versatility in USA

Home Décor Statement:

  • Transform your dwelling spaces with the spell-binding presence of amber candlesticks. Whether decorating your dining desk, mantle, or bedside, those pieces function each practical candle holders and charming décor gadgets.

Public Spaces and Events:

  • Elevate the ecosystem in eating places, hotels, or event venues with the refined allure of amber candlesticks. Create an unforgettable enjoy for guests with the fine and comfortable, ambient slight and the appeal of herbal amber.


Craftsmanship and Quality

Expert Artisanship:

  • Our amber candlesticks are meticulously crafted by professional artisans, ensuring every piece meets the very best standards of best aesthetic attraction. The seamless fusion of conventional craftsmanship and present-day layout effects in undying creations.

Natural Amber's Warmth:

  • Experience the inherent warm temperature of herbal amber as it radiates a soothing glow when illuminated. The candlesticks not only function as lighting elements but additionally as charming focal points in any setting.

Explore our curated series of Amber Candlesticks, in which every piece tells a tale of artistry, luxury, and the undying splendor of Polissya amber. Illuminate your environment with the mesmerizing appeal of amber, growing moments of heat and beauty. Elevate your space with Yantar Polissya's Amber Candlesticks – in which craftsmanship meets sophistication.

Explore our collection now and upload a hint of undying beauty for your surroundings.

Contact us for inquiries or to region your order.

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