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Product amount: 3


Silver brooch with amber “Violin”

3 141 UAH 3 490 UAH


Silver brooch with amber “Tennis racket”

945 UAH 1 050 UAH


Silver brooch with amber “Zebra”

1 348 UAH 1 497 UAH

Brooches have made a stylish comeback in recent years, seamlessly integrating into the wardrobes of modern women and becoming a staple accessory. With natural stone varieties of different shapes and sizes, from luxurious to effortlessly simple, in animal, asymmetric, and abstract forms, brooches have become an essential part of contemporary fashion. Imagine the impact of these original adornments, pinned to winter garments, creating a romantic and individualized look that captures attention from friends, family, colleagues, and even passers-by.

Amber Jewelry Elegance

Natural gemstone brooches are increasingly popular among women of various styles, including business professionals, seductresses, and young individuals. Featured in recent fashion shows, brooches are not limited to the chest; they adorn waists, hair, collars, and cuffs, proving to be a versatile accessory that enhances any outfit and adds a distinctive touch to every ensemble.

Brooches with Amber Accents

Amber jewelry extends to brooches, with a diverse range of shapes and hues allowing for unique compositions that complement different wardrobe items. Ranging from reddish-brown to dark honey, golden, and yellow, the natural stone in silver settings takes the form of adorable animals, flowers, and whimsical designs — perfect for those seeking to highlight individuality and attract attention.

Amber Souvenirs

Sunny gemstone is a popular choice for crafting diverse souvenirs and presents, inclusive of art work, images, icons, and jewelry. A natural stone brooch, presented as a present, expresses romantic feelings and impresses with its distinctiveness and originality. It will become more than a piece of jewelry; it becomes a cherished image of thoughtfulness and affection.

The Perfect Gift

An first rate present that brings joy and happiness, an amber brooch is a satisfying choice for birthdays or special events. Every girl might be enchanted to obtain such a completely unique piece of jewellery, including heat-colored elements to her ensemble and enhancing her usual appearance. Popular shapes like animals and bugs, such as butterflies, dragonflies, and beetles, convey a sense of lightness, splendor, and freshness. For individuals who recognize conventional patterns, a brooch with a rimless uncooked amber stone exudes beauty and refinement, making it an ideal present for girls of every age, tastes, and statuses.

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