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  • Size: 16 sm
  • Amber weight: 10 g
  • Diameter of balls: 10 mm
  • Stone processing: polishing
  • Product material: molded amber

The weight of each piece of amber in individual

One of the most captivating advantages that handmade jewelry can boast is the contrast between meticulously calculated proportions and natural asymmetry. Such a combination of textures is wonderfully embodied in this unique amber bracelet!

The main part of the neat row is composed of round beads. At first glance, the Polissian gems may seem completely black, but take a closer look – and you will see crimson, terracotta, and cognac highlights deep within the precious stones. At the center of the accessory, there is a solid piece of solidified resin, whose configuration impresses with its unpredictable whimsy. The artisan didn't even polish the matte cabochon, and now its rough surface is covered with a web of tiny cracks!

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