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100% natural amber

from TM "Amber-Polesie"

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  • Size: 18 sm
  • Amber weight: 7.60 g
  • Stone processing: polishing
  • Product material: solid amber

The weight of each piece of amber in individual

Easter discounts to -10%!


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A luxurious amber bracelet cannot go unnoticed. The beautiful shape of the beads immediately attracts attention and evokes admiration. The smoothly polished oval stones and the rich hue make the accessory a focal point of the entire ensemble. The accessory pairs well with both evening dresses and casual attire. Small beads separating the olive-shaped stones add a touch of elegance and sophistication. All elements are securely fastened on the elastic band, and the comfortable design allows wearing this ornament every day. Bracelets made of natural stones are not only fashionable and beautiful accessories but also possess healing properties, contributing to the well-being of their owners.

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