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* - These photos are the property of TM Polesie and Amber were made from the original


  • Amber weight: 23.20 g
  • Diameter of balls: 7 mm
  • Stone processing: polishing
  • Product material: solid amber

The weight of each piece of amber in individual

Achieving spiritual goals in Buddhism is facilitated by the repeated recitation of mantras. To avoid losing count, specific religious items are used. Original rosary beads made of natural stones are highly valued, and you can purchase them at the "Amber Polissya" online store. The beads are threaded on a string tied in a circle, symbolizing the cyclical nature of faith recitation. Rows of semi-transparent black gems separate four honey-toned spacers, creating a pleasant color contrast. Each of the two beads features five small spheres. The main material of the accessory is high-quality fossilized resin, meticulously crafted and polished by skilled artisans.

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