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Ancient stone-amber

Amber resin Amber is credited with many epithets - kind, solar, healing, magic, warm, … And amber is a very ancient stone, gem almost the first precious stone that has organic origin. Solar stone always been used as an ornamental stone, because of its beauty, with the pleasant smell and ease of handling. Since ancient times, the stone of admiration from all Nations. During the middle ages beat invented amber r lacquer, this material was the best substance processing of all kinds of products. It is covered with unique violin greatest masters of Stradivari, Amati and Guarneri, despite the fact that in Italy amber extremely rare stone and is extremely expensive.

 Many names of amber

Amber gemsName "amber" (eng. amber comes from the late Latin word ambar, which in turn comes from the Arabic anbar. Finns it is called "мерикиви" (stone sea); in Italy - "amber"in France "'ambra,"England and America - "amber"in ancient Russia, called the amber "marine incense"in ancient Rome - "succinite" (juice). One of the names of amber - "electrum" translated from пдревнегреческого means "I defend", with Lithuanian "Gintaras" - protection from disease. Greeks called it the electron – attracting to itself; Romans – харпаксом that means a burglar, but the Persians – кавубой, i.e. stone, capable to attract. The Germans call amber "bernstein” – a distorted "combustible stone", because amber is easily burns, burns, burns beautiful flame with a pleasant smell. Similarly Ukrainians called amber "Gorely stone" or "бурштин». Кахраба – the ancient Arabic name of amber – “the thief straw"- a hint ability электризоваться. The Greeks called amber electron or электриумом, that's the name of the stars of the constellation of Taurus. According to the appearance of amber as warm as a star, Electra.