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Many years ago, as a result of global warming trees of pine needles generously expired resin which is oxidized and копилась long years in the soil "amber forests". As a result of the process of decomposition of the wood, hot climate, humidity and other factors gradually formed a solar stone - amber. Probably, only in some places in the world have such conditions. And who knows, maybe many deposits of amber is still concealed from the eyes of the land…

Birth amber

Many millions of years ago, under hot sun, strong pine trunks вытопилась resin. Slightly swaying, she hung thick drop on the branch and fell down – in a large puddle between the roots. That time it was the childhood of the Earth, then the man was not in sight, and the hot and humid forests roamed the ancient animals. Millions of years passed - forest drowned the ocean and buried millions of tonnes of soil. But one lovely day mighty storm converged in battle with a water surface of the deep, and in the heat of their merger arose underwater mound above the deserted forest. Raging shafts raised from depression all that remains of the beautiful pine trees, and threw it out onto the shore. At that moment, on the coast flashed a bright ray of light, a piece of the heavenly body - drop resin, fossilized under the ocean bottom, past ages and epochs, but kept breathing ancient… amber.

amber items in our time

With the help of our wonderful nature, the light sprung – amber, and eventually, thanks to people appeared striking beauty of amber articles. This gem from ancient times used for the manufacture of variety of jewelry and talismans. One of the few stones of organic origin, easily processed, has a wide spectrum of colors from transparent yellow to dark brown and even black and blue, green and red. The presence of such colors allows us to create different creation of decorative and fine arts. For production use as processed amber and unpolished untouched. amber durable, does not fade, does not deteriorate, under normal conditions, perfectly preserved.

amber unusually beautiful stone, but he is glorified not only for its marvelous beauty, and the amazing healing power. For a gem known as “good” stone. At all times people loved amber jewellery. worn not only for decoration янтарям decorated your home. Accepted bilo give gifts and Souvenirs made of amber as a sign of respect, it was considered that in the gesture of a man wishes of good health and gifted. The most popular in the interior of the premises were always pictures of amber. due to The fact that such paintings were capable of accents, distract, or enhance attention, create a special aura of the room. Such artworks can have a decisive impact on the experience of the home.

Pictures of amber

Grinding amber and creation amber paintings the process is not easy and requires certain skills, experience, knowledge and skills. The contours of the image affixed to the canvas, then figure leather pieces of amber with all sorts of sizes and colors. Pictures of amber fascinate by its beauty, extensionality and outgoing heat. Small detail, playing with light and shade, trace the combs crushed amber that, in General, gives the completeness of the canvas. This picture is worthy complement any interior. In this way make and patterned panels and wonderful landscapes, very original look and portraits of amber. Probably you often ask yourself the question, what to give to employees, friends, loved ones? A good gift must be bright, colorful and memorable. And imagine that it can hang on the wall, and perhaps it will be passed from generation to generation ... You can buy a pre-made fabrics, and can order the portrait on his own sketches or photo. Pictures of amber have positive energy and a positive effect on people.

the Amber articles current interest now and will concern tomorrow and generally out of time. This gem has been to price equal to gold. Advantages of solar ingots not list them very much. amber is eternal, and perfect like the nature itself.

Our masters with pleasure will execute for You any order: portraits of men and women couples and children. Even the smallest amber picture will be a Royal gift. It should be remembered that this is not just painting – the charms and the keepers of its possessor.