amber – not just a beautiful stone. This gem creates a pulse of energy that configures the body on a wave of health. If today you do not have the mood, there are difficulties at work or adverse situation, we advise you to carry amber. Amber acts on the human biofield as a natural healer and purifier, strengthens the will, gives the ability to enjoy life. Gem, fills with power and energy. Natural amber, as the sun's rays fills life with light and energy. Amber will contribute to your stability and to achieve my goals. Gradually, amber negates limiting beliefs, fills the emotions of a human warmth and the ability to trust themselves and other people. Amber under the power to heal almost all parts of the human body and send in a new direction goals, thoughts and energy.

In our online shop offers a wide range of amber products. Without any effort you can decorate your life and pass a pleasant treatment. Very useful, stunningly beautiful and endowed with healing powers, is the product of the Amber lamp.

the Amber lamp – healing beauty

Amber lamp – is the connection of ancient wisdom and the latest scientific knowledge, the personification of beauty, harmony and practicality. In our range you can find amber candlesticks. light Source, in this case a simple candle. Natural and soft light spreads around the candlestick itself, and if you use scented candle, you can create a unique atmosphere favourite scent.

Lamp amber gems, will transform your environment and of course your overall health. To get a positive effect when using the amber lamp or lampstand, does not require any complex actions or additional knowledge, the result is guaranteed only one in her presence. Rare quality of such a lamp is based on active interaction of several factors: the chemical-physical properties of amber, as well as color and light.

the Amber light a positive effect on the overall human health: strengthens the immune system and harmonize the mind, increases body resistance to different diseases and increases vitality, is very useful in dealing with stress and nervous shocks. Easily fills a home with positive energy and gives a special charm to any interior.

the amber lamp has a number of other characteristics: reducing effects of electromagnetic fields, radiated by a computer, TV and other appliances, fatigue, helps to relax. Is delightful room decoration and complement any interior.

Doctors recommend using amber lamps and candlesticks for overall strengthening of the body, diseases of bronchial asthma and other respiratory diseases, blood pressure and people genetically predisposed to various forms of allergies and skin diseases.

In today's world we are virtually everywhere surround: computers, televisions, radios, electric heaters, microwave ovens and mobile phones. All this creates in our environment the concentration of positive ions. We rarely think that all these devices, which, as would make our lives more comfortable, in fact, are a source of very harmful positive ions, the so-called electric smog. Concentration of positive ions in the environment negatively affects your physical and emotional state. The cheapest and simplest method of struggle with electric smog is ventilate the room, but it is not very effective in the modern metropolis.

Amber lamps and candlesticks, the beautiful product, thanks to a wide sector of colors. It is for this wonderful game of light amber received the title of solar stone. It can be white, yellow, green, blue, red, but there more orange and Golden-yellow varieties playing the warm glow of the sun. Research and found that each color shows special effects. Plants grow better if they illuminate red, orange, or yellow light. Scientists say that these colors have a similar positive effect on human development - mental and physical. Soft and soothing light helps relieve irritation, eliminate fatigue after a day of work, and overcome insomnia.

Amber lights and Feng Shui

Amber lamp combines the therapeutic properties of natural mineral and light and mutually reinforces impacts. As it is known on the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, all space is filled with invisible life force – Qi. German scientist got to open a very subtle electromagnetic vibration, its properties perfectly correct Qi, therefore, the existence of such a power has already received a scientific justification. Such vibration is a carrier of information and can capture and transmit positive and negative signals. Sadness, anxiety, fears years can build up in the room. Even might not be their source, but they do not cease to have a negative impact on the owners of the house. To get rid of these negative impacts can be a renewal of the Qi. amber lamp or sconce, for this purpose fit perfectly their properties to bring home a healthy, vibrant, and most importantly the natural energy.

the Healing amber lamp, placed in geopathogenic zones, may significantly reduce its devastating impact on the health and vitality of luck master of the house. For the harmonization of energy in buildings, you must install them in the dark corners and places where there is lack of Qi. Correct placement will help to establish partnership relations and to attract money luck.

Amber light or candlestick is a luxury giftfor a wedding anniversary or birthday. Danii souvenir is always pleasant and long can please the eye одарованного. Thus, you will not only surprise, but take care for the health and harmony in the house of the people dear to you.

Care amber lamp simple and requires no special knowledge. As necessary, use a dry soft cloth to remove from the surface. Such lamp gives a soft, easy ionization, unlike powerful artificial air conditioners, so to keep it turned on permanently. Validity of such lamps is impossible to determine. The use of amber does not disappear with time, and its good     the impact lasts a lifetime.