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ancient times, amber well-known as the material used for the manufacture of various decorations. Currently, the oldest processed amber was found in Germany, according to the approximate data processed he was 30 000 years ago. Trees, испускавшие resin, grew in the Oligocene epoch, and do not have representatives in the modern vegetable world, therefore the uniqueness of amber in our time is obvious.

amber warm stone commitments to the touch. Amber color varies od yellow to brown, rare stones зленых, red, white, and even the Blues. What color was amber, each piece still lies Golden color, thanks to this amber feels surprisingly warm and Sunny. A gem in contrast od precious stones, more soft. Amber scratched with a knife, but he is not fragile and represents an excellent material for carving. Thanks to its heat and light, amber called "a piece of the sun on the palm"


Combination silver with amber

Jewelers traditionally fix amber in silver, and this is no accident. Such a Union of forces of antiquity and the energy of nature. Amber itself has powerful magical properties, and cold noble silver multiplies the impact of amber. Until relatively recently, jewellery with amber were much more expensive than gold: why, they were beautiful, and bring much more benefit. Girl, прикрепившая to dress brooch with amber, never bored aside at dances, and, putting on the exam amber pendant – talisman could not be afraid of bad scores. Long amber jewellery loved by women all around the world, for that gem was a good influence on the beauty and changed woman in General. Amber profitable overshadowing the color of the skin and gave her a long youth. It is believed that amber jewellery protect kids and nursing mothers from "evil eye", the beneficial effect on creativity, a source of strength and inspiration. The beauty of amber for itself all said, because jewelry from it just so great, what would you have not worn, whether necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants or brooches.

Benefits of silver

Silver famous for the amazing ability to quickly neutralize the harmful flora, without harm for useful in the human body. Scientists исцеловав properties of silver found that pathogens of many deadly human diseases, such as diphtheria, typhoid fever, pulmonary and intestinal infections and other, - do not survive for long if they are placed on silver plates. The day does not withstand even typhoid Bacillus.

Leukocytes absorb ions of silver and transfer it to where the source of infection. Thus, inflammation removed under the influence of silver: it forms a protein special connection that neutralize the actions of many pathogenic microbes, fungi, or viruses. These same connection simultaneously have a regenerating effect on the fabric, so silver a beneficial effect on any wounds and injuries.

the Effectiveness of silver against bacteria amazing: the ability of silver to kill bacteria in 1750 times stronger karbolovoj acids and 3.5 times stronger than chlorine, furatsilina, potassium permanganate. If broad-spectrum antibiotics can destroy 5-10 species of bacteria, colloidal silver kills over 650 species, all of useful microorganisms remain alive – because silver is part of the fabric of our body. Moreover, the bacteria do not get used to the action of silver, as to medicines – this is the most amazing thing in our opinion, property silver.

by mid-40s of the XX century, a new round of art processing of amber. There were whole areas and schools. Beautiful amber products were exported at the international exhibitions. Artists and jewellers combine amber and silver. Silver and amber – this is perhaps my favorite materials jewelers. Massive silver jewelry, combined with natural amber is very popular among the adult ladies, neat pendants, bracelets and chains with pleasure are young girls, silver rings, cufflinks and pins, tie – a great addition to your wardrobe elegant man.

amber Jewelry should be stored on a soft surface, their faces shall be subjected to friction. Contaminated product is recommended to be washed in warm, soapy water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Amber articles have no expiration date and will serve you for many years.

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