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30-th years of XX century biochemists was allocated Succinic acid.

Since ancient times, people used pieces of petrified resin as a remedy. Перемолов amber in flour, took inside, added in ointments and rubbed into the skin, and the smoke from the burning amber fumigated the house. The healing properties of gems are known, and many people believed that there is such an illness, which would amber did not heal.

for many years produced biologically active food additive "Amber acid", as well as other preparations containing succinic acid, contribute to the normalization of acid-base balance of blood and recuperation even elderly people. This Supplement is unique biostimulant of living organisms. Succinic acid has anti-inflammatory and antistress effect, positively effects on the kidneys and liver. Succinic acid is secreted in human cells and is responsible for the energy metabolism, which in turn affects the immunity of a person. Reduced immunity ceases to cause all sorts of diseases. Therefore deficiency of succinic acid that appears when mental and physical loads need to refill.

medicine uses amber acid. Technically used for the manufacture of soap and toothpaste, to obtain Allura red color, in the production of skin substitutes in color photography. If sprayed with a solution of succinic acid seeds and sprouts of cereals, they will grow faster and become whiter resistant to adverse weather conditions, increase productivity.

FREE RADICALS — particles (as a rule, unstable)containing one or more unpaired electrons of the outer electron shell. Are intermediate substances in many reactions. Парамагнитны, as a rule, are highly reactive and therefore there is a very short time. A bit of free radicals are of great importance in biology and medicine. In addition to the oxygen itself, which contains two unpaired electrons, such free-radical molecules as superoxide, hydroxyl radical, and алкоксильный and пероксильный radicals are reactive forms of oxygen and participate in оксидативном stress.

As you know, what leads to the appearance of free radicals in the body?

Increased pressure, Smoking, alcohol and other harmful substances, which enter the body from the polluted environment. And Amber acid, accelerating the process of breathing in the cells, reduces the content of them "unclaimed oxygen", diminishing the probability of formation of free radicals, thereby protecting the body from disease and premature aging. Antioxidant action of succinic acid is especially evident in the case of hypoxic disorders in pregnancy, damage to the kidneys high dose vitamin D, in the recovery period after clinical death. Succinic acid helps prevent the loss of cells of potassium ions, stimulates the synthesis of protein and phospholipids.

Amber acid in combination with glucose increases the elasticity of the inner and outer rings, helping athletes during training faster and easier to adapt to the growth of physical loads, prevents pain in the overloaded muscles. the Use of succinic acid just before the competition, helps mobilize, to prevent nervous breakdown, and after the competition does not occur exhaustion.

also, succinic acid positively affects the reproductive function. During pregnancy it helps the body, it is easier to go through hormonal rearrangement and satisfy the increased needs in energy, supports the immune system, prevents toxicosis, reduces the probability of different complications. The child in the mother provided the optimal conditions – he is well supplied with oxygen and nutrients, strengthens the placenta, reduces the possibility of exposure to the viruses, bacteria, toxins. After the birth of amber acid will help the mother to recover faster and increase the number of milk. To date, proven by scientists that amber acid is the best and the fastest natural antioxidant to prevent the destructive effects of free radicals.

Amber powder in the treatment of some diseases.

the Amber cosmetic powder is produced by industrial method (TU 9158-001-44192851-2003). It is used to remove the surface layer of the skin fat and dead cells.

Recipes therapeutic and prophylactic use of the amber powder

In gastric and duodenal ulcers should apply the tincture amber powder.

Amber powder - 25 g

- Vodka 0.5 l

the Amber powder pour vodka, stir, infuse it for 10 days. Sediment filter. Take tincture amber powder 1 tbsp. spoon on an empty stomach 1 time per day.

When hemorrhoids it is recommended to use amber candles.

1 part 1 part 0.5 parts

Amber powder

the Honey

- Melted butter

the Components are thoroughly mix the warm bath water, then cool. Put in a cold on the day, and then form of mass amber candles. Use regularly, in consultation with the attending physician.

During the formation of bedsores in bedridden patients it is recommended to cover the damaged areas of the skin amber powder. After the disappearance of bedsores a small quantity of powder is recommended to spray onto the surface of the sheets of the patient — for prevention.

For the treatment of wounds, burns, trophic ulcers, after washing them 1-3% solution of peroxide of hydrogen, it is recommended to cover the injuries and damage amber powder under the bandage. Bandaging change 1 time per day.

bleeding gums it is recommended to add a small amount of amber powder in toothpaste.

for acne amber powder recommend to apply to wet skin 1 once a day for 2-3 mine¬thou. Then rinse with warm water. Once the therapeutic effect of the procedure is repeated for the prevention of 1 time per week.

When the cracks on the soles of the feet it is advisable to wash damage and cover a small amount of amber powder.

To eliminate itching from the bites of mosquitoes bite location it is recommended to wipe the amber powder.

amber oil for therapeutic and prophylactic massage.

To accelerate growth and strengthen the hair. The most effective amber powder prevents hair loss coloring. Amber powder is recommended to RUB in a circular motion in the scalp. After 5-10 minutes powder to wash off. The periodicity of the procedure - 1-2 times a week.

amber oil — is a blend of several essential oils, including, depending on the season, styrax, sandalwood, ладанную gum or saffron. Demand for oil is high, therefore it is produced year-round. Western industry uses amber oil as the basis for men's Cologne and aftershaves, as his scent like the smell of the skin. In India it is used in various religious ceremonies.

amber oil, according to the East, encourages the opening of the chakras, especially the heart. It has a calming and balancing act and protects from negative influences. When any contact applications amber oil, there is an activation of the immune and Central nervous systems.

amber oil - indications

Before the training sessions or sports amber oil is recommended to use as a warm-tools, preparing the muscles and joints to a strong stress. Arthritis, polyarthritis, ostitis, myositis, bursitis. In conjunction with medication amber oil is used in these diseases as analgesic and products, reducing the metabolic processes in the cells of damaged tissues. Injuries, bruises, strains. When all these conditions amber oil intensifies blood circulation, speeds up the metabolic processes in the cells of the body, contributes to the regeneration of damaged tissues. When the varicose expansion of veins amber oil provide analgesia, restores blood circulation in the damaged vessels and promotes their skin.

Radiculitis, neuritis, osteochondroses, consequences of wounds and injuries of the peripheral nervous system sections. Massage amber oil cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral spine activates regeneration processes in the body, relieves pain and provides a gentle warming effect in the body tissues. Bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory diseases. In these diseases amber oil has a bactericidal effect, promotes deep heating of tissues and organs in the chest.

Method of application amber oil

the Required amount of oil spread over the surface of the skin and produce massage for 3-5 minutes. The procedure is performed daily for 10 days, then spend another 20 sessions through the day. If necessary, after a week's break, the course may be repeated within 1-3 months.