1. The power of a wonderful herb
  2. The Use of Talismans for Success
  3. Clover will come to the rescue

The meadows on which the clover grows are fascinated by the abundance of lovely and smelling inflorescences. This is for bees a real honey paradise. In such natural areas lies the power of the magic of the plant. Its riddle is hidden in the number of clover petals. Traditionally, there are three of them. They are the symbol of the divine triad - unity of mind, body and soul. However, there is an exception in the form of clover with 4 leaves. This is a rare good luck charm! Such a plant has a special magic and power.

It is known that the clover symbol manifests itself most brightly at night, during the full moon, during the equinox. The power of the four-leaf can be seen on the night from 6 to 7 July (Ivan Kupala holiday).

The Irish were convinced that the magic four-leaf clover should be found on March 17 when celebrating St Patrick’s Day. Because that’s when clover lucky charms double their power.

Четырехлистный клевер - значение символа

The power of a wonderful herb

Why is the four-leaf clover considered a sacred flower? Surely, it is the fault of Eve, who took such a flower with her from Eden. During the exile of her and Adam, this plant served as a memory of Paradise. The legend of this lives for millennia.

Clovers are usually found in the forest. This is why its appearance in the gardens is a sign of good luck for the owners, especially the discovery of a specimen with four leaves. They have specific values:

  • The first — is the sign of Fire, symbolizing glory and faith. The symbol of good fortune.
  • The second belongs to the Water Element and presents success, prosperity.
  • The third — is the element of the air, symbolizes happiness, hope and love.
  • The fourth — sign of the Earth gives peace of mind and good health.

The mysterious plant has always aroused special interest among representatives of different countries and religions. The value of the four-leaf tree had its own specific meaning in different countries:

America. Respected his Indians, who portrayed the leaf clover as a talisman, on the bark of trees and rocks. Such a charm promised a successful hunt, a prosperous life for the whole tribe.

India. Their grass was a special honor. The image of a magical plant was the basis of embroideries on carpets, outerwear. To the Indians, the herbal amulet served as a symbolic armor against the influence of evil men.

Egypt. Ancient inhabitants of the country clover with the fourth additional petal painted on the mirrors. It was a symbol of reliable protection from the world of mirrors.

Slavs. For them, such a four-leaf charm was a specific charm. It was included in the grass collection, intended for the campfire of the summer solstice. The ancient Slavs dried the collected leaves, and carried with them as a charm. They believed that he was gifted with the power of youth, attractiveness and love. The talisman protected against tragedies and damage, spells and diseases.

Hutsuls. The people of the Carpathians considered the plant a symbol of peace. The four-leaf clover decoration symbolized the perfection of 4 elements. It’s what the girls are looking for.

Кольцо-символ удачи Четырехлистный клевер

The Use of Talismans for Success

The luck of walking with you will bring on a rare and amazing plant. Four-leaf is found in one specimen out of 10,000. Carefully tear it down and bring it home.

As a talisman it can be used in several ways:

  1. For the attraction of financial well-being wear a four-leaf with you, a good place for it will be a wallet.
  2. To attract the other half or meet your love in the near future, place the plant in your shoes before leaving the house.
  3. Wrap the torn plant in a blue cloth, make it into a jewel by attaching a rope. (Make it into a jewel by wrapping the leaf in a blue cloth and hanging it on a string.) A peculiar pendant will relieve from longing, sadness or depression.
  4. Put the four-leaf under the glass and fasten it. Hang it in front of the front door to protect the housing. The vegetable talisman will protect from envy, corruption, quarrels, bad guests.
  5. Eat a flower together and thus strengthen the relationship in the pair, make them more harmonious.

To create a strong amulet, you need to pluck a four-leaf tree at dawn, then climb a high hill or hill. When the sun rises, it is necessary to cast a petal first on the north, south, then on the west and east. Quietly at the same time it is necessary to call to itself all 4 above elements, so that their power fulfills all desires and protects. When you finish the ritual, tear out the ordinary plant (white is better). As a symbol of unity with all the elements, keep to yourself. A silver clover pendant performs the same function.

Талисманы на удачу

Clover will come to the rescue

When in nature you are not lucky enough to find a magic charm, do not be upset. As a mystical plant, it will still help you.

  • White flowers will protect against spoilage and evil eyes. They need to make an original composition, then place it above the entrance to the house. The herb laid out in the rooms will work just as well.
  • The red clover symbolizes financial well-being. To improve your financial situation, add petals to the bathtub. They also use them as love magic. Dried parts of the plant are added to the food.

Популярные товары

Do not fall into despair if you live in an area where there is no meadow vegetation. A talisman for success, well-being, love is easy to purchase from souvenir products or necklace decoration. You can buy a charm made of silver clover. It is desirable that it be four-brained. But even a hand-drawn magic symbol will help you to find luck and success!